Plan Ahead This Christmas

Many people like to plan their Christmas celebrations well ahead of schedule. Whether it’s a family lunch or an employee Christmas picnic, you want to organise something that people will enjoy but won’t be too stressful to plan. Spit roast hire from Melbourne’s Dizzy Lamb provides an affordable alternative to the usual Christmas spread, and one that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Quality spit roast hire options available for you

It doesn’t matter whether you’re catering for a family of 6 or an employee group of 60, Dizzy Lamb will be able to provide you with a quality spit hire to suit your needs this Christmas. Choose from our range of spit roast hire options including

• 3 tier charcoal spit

• Medium duty charcoal spit

• Heavy duty charcoal spit

• Gas spit

For all your spit hire needs in Melbourne this Christmas, or any time of the year, contact Dizzy Lamb. With affordable rates and a range of options available, we’ve got your needs covered. But plan ahead and book early – call us on (03) 9702 4339.

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