Lamb Spits Make Parties Easy and Entertaining

Entertaining large groups of people can be a lot of fun, but it is also a lot of work. One of the simplest and easy ways to feed that many people is to offer some kind of spit roasted meat.  Eating lamb is a national pastime in Australia and spit roasted lamb is great for small groups or for gatherings of twenty to fifty people.  Lamb spits allow you cook a large quantity of meat at once – which allows more time for the host to socialise and enjoy the evening. With spit options for up to 40 kg of meat, there’s a spit to cater for virtually any part with charcoal and gas options. Why not spit roast a full lamb and enjoy a feast with family and friends?

Cooking with lamb spits allow you to cook parts of the animal well done and parts rare, to satisfy any pallet.  For home catering options, you won’t find much better than spit roasts – add a unique taste to your spring lamb. Your guests will remember your garden barbecue for a long time to come.

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